Psychological Assessment

All good treatment begins with good assessment.  We can only address your needs as well as we understand them.  Our assessment packages include 2-3 hours of in person consultation which covers your background and current situation.  We look at what factors contributed to the difficulties you are having, what keeps them going, and how we can support you to make changes to improve your health, wellbeing, relationships and quality of life.

All assessment packages include a diagrammatic formulation which is a psychological explanation of your difficulties.  We use this to create a therapeutic intervention plan.

At the conclusion of assessment you will be provided a customized therapeutic intervention plan.  This will include key goals, learning, insight and skills development, as well as a timeframe and expected cost for therapy (if not funded).

Therapeutic Intervention

We work with adults, children and young people. 

Your therapeutic journey will be customised for your needs.  Some clients with mild or very specific difficulties may benefit from 6-8 sessions, others require 12-14 sessions, and others more again. 

We regularly assess progress and check in with your regarding your goals and how well you think therapy is going for you.  We want you to get as much from the therapeutic process as is possible.

We are skilled and experienced in working with traumatic experiences, mood disorders, emotional difficulties, relationship difficulties, substance abuse and addictive behaviours, work and life stressors, grief and loss, transition to parenting and other major life transitions.

The foundation of our therapeutic work is relationship.  Like the river, within the safe bounds of the waters edge, we move fluidly – working with your individual needs using a range of well tested and trusted, best practice interventions.

Intervention Modalities include cognitive behaviour therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness-based therapy, schema therapy, and motivational interviewing.  This is not an exhaustive list!


Psychology sessions are charged at $180 (including GST).

Counselling sessions are charged at $100 (including GST).

Prices for Clinical Nutrition packages available upon enquiry, and dependent on whether Psychology or Counselling support is also required or recommended.

All sessions are 55 minutes in length.

Please note: You may be eligible for funded or subsidized therapy through your GP, ACC, your health insurer or the Ministry of Social Development.  Please contact us to discuss your options or possible eligibility.