Amanda Pinny

Director/Registered Psychologist
River Psychology

Amanda is an experienced Registered Psychologist who is passionate about working with people who have experienced traumatic events or significant loss.  Amanda loves to see people living well and thriving after traumatic or adverse life experiences.

As a Psychologist, Amanda spent 5 years in a modified therapeutic community delivering group therapy to men with violence and sexual convictions in prison.  Amanda then continued to work in the justice population supporting men and women’s change journey’s in the community.

Amanda has worked in private practice for the past 3 years, primarily with women experiencing depression, anxiety, and trauma-related difficulties.

Prior to completing her training as a Psychologist, Amanda spent 12 years working in healthcare and rehabilitation roles, observing and supporting healthcare and rehabilitation journey’s in children’s healthcare, rehabilitation for brain injury and in forensic/correctional settings.

We have a team of registered psychologists, clinical psychologists, counsellors, and a consultant clinical nutritionist committed to client-centered care, a trusted therapeutic relationship and quality evidence-based intervention.

Our team can work with children and young people.

Couples counselling or therapy available upon request.

We have experience working with families and intergenerational trauma.